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Find your Pacific Northwest Escapade with us. Select an image for more information.

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Mount Rainier from the North
Seattle Day Trips Mount Rainier
Seattle Day Trips
Seattle Day Trips
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Mt Rainier National Park

Alpine lakes and towns

Seattle - Quirks, Quakes and Sunken Forests

A fun and informative   exploration of  Seattle, visiting beautiful parks, city landmarks, discovering geological history, and the quirky side of the city. Get off the tourist trail

Experience the Alpine lakes wilderness, hike to a panoramic viewpoint, and explore the beautiful town of Leavenworth   

Explore and learn about the tallest volcano in the lower 48 in this full day Escapade. Learn why it's considered as one of the most dangerous on the planet!

Glacial landscapes

Explore the dramatic Eastern Washington landscape, the Channeled Scablands. We visit unique and other-worldly features created by some of the largest floods in history.

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We'll be back in future, but for now, happy hiking!
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