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Created by local experts to give a true insight into the Pacific Northwest



Escapades Northwest has been created by travel industry veterans to provide a high-quality experience whichever tour you join us on.



We like to call our experiences Escapades, as each one is fun, exciting and designed to maximize the insight into the Pacific Northwest. On every Escapade, our guides provide unique insight into the human and natural history, ecology and wildlife that makes Washington and the Northwest so special. All of our Escapades will give you a meaningful connection and appreciation for this beautiful region, and memories to carry far beyond your time with us.






All our experienced Escapades guides are qualified in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and carry state-of-the-art communication and safety equipment to maximize your well-being. This is especially important in areas with poor or non-existent cell phone coverage.



Safest in class transportation 



State-of-the-art, next-generation Ford Transit wagons were selected for their unique passenger safety and comfort features including a World-first five-row side curtain airbag to provide enhanced head and neck protection for passengers.



Personal attention on Semi-Private or Private tours



Our small group tours maximize individual attention from your Escapades guide to ensure every guest has a truly memorable experience. Our Semi-private tours are each adapted to the likes and ability level of each group, meaning no two tours are exactly the same. For a truly bespoke experience, book one of our private tours and we'll design a custom itinerary for you.


Complimentary coffee, tea, water, and healthy snacks on every tour.


Some longer day tours also feature a picnic lunch using high quality, locally-sourced ingredients - please call us to check.



Locally owned business and part of the community


We are a local, family-owned business with a strong commitment to making each and every guest have a high quality, compelling and unique Escapade with us that cannot easily be replicated by a large tour company.



Sustainable tourism and leave-no-trace ethics



Environmental protection forms one of our core values. Care is taken to minimize food and packaging waste and recycle everything we use. All trash is packed out and fully sorted on return to base.


Our passenger wagons use economical Ecoboost gas engines to maximize fuel economy and minimize CO2, Sulphur Dioxide and particulate emissions compared to a comparable Diesel engine.



Ethical, inclusive hiring values


Inclusion is fundamental to our values.  We believe in diversity and the contribution of all employees to make a respectful and inclusive workplace.











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