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Photos from this Escapade. Copyright 2017 Escapades Northwest. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

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Hiking through the forest
Dry Falls State Park
Driving down Grand Coulee
Dry Fallas
Columnar Basalt
Grand Coulee
Dry Falls Panoramic
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Channeled Scablands


Eastern Washington – Steamboat Rock, Dry Falls and the Channeled Scablands


Arguably the least well-known of the seven natural ‘wonders’ of Washington state, our day experience heads over to Eastern Washington to explore a dramatic, unique landscape scoured by giant pre-historic forces.


On this informative exploration, we’ll head over the Cascade mountain range from Seattle to find answers to the following list of mysteries:


  • Why the climate and topography is completely different to Seattle

  • How early Pioneers colonized the West Coast, crossing the forbidding Cascade mountains, encountering wild animals, harsh terrain, and weather

  • The struggle of geologist J Harlen Bretz to be taken seriously by the scientific community in the 1920’s with his theories of how the land of Eastern Washington was scoured

  • Discover what created a petrified forest and see the imprint of trees that died millions of years ago!

  • Explore the channeled scablands and see evidence of massive volcanic eruptions

  • Learn about the last Ice age, visit the largest waterfall in history and find out why it ran out of water!

  • Find what carved out enormous channels and unique geological formations, and why it baffled scientists for so long!



Our tour will feature several stops including a long stop for lunch, relaxation, and exploration. An optional 90-minute hike after lunch is possible, or for those that prefer to relax, we’ll take in the calm surrounds and beautiful vistas of Banks Lake complete with its own beach and picnic spots for sunbathing and relaxing.



Tour notes: approx. 2.5 hours stop at Steamboat rock for lunch, hiking, and relaxation. Due to the distances covered, while we will frequently break the journey for sightseeing and breaks to stretch our legs, this tour includes extended travel time in the van to and from Eastern Washington.



Approximate itinerary



08.00 Pick-up from downtown Seattle hotel

09.00 Travel through Snoqualmie pass, optional rest, and refreshment stop if required

10.00 Explore Gingko Petrified Forest (30 mins)

11.30 Dry falls – interpretation and sightseeing (30 mins)

12.30 Steamboat rock – lunch and hiking/relaxation. Lunch included in the tour price.

3 pm Depart Steamboat rock

4.30 Rest stop, snacks, and refreshments

6.30pm (approx) Return to Seattle, downtown drop off


Recommended attire:


Hiking boots with ankle support are recommended if you wish to hike after lunch, hiking poles are available for loan free of charge.

Eastern Washington is drier and sunnier than Seattle, so thin breathable layers are recommended as are a hat and sunglasses for shade in warmer temperatures.


Please note: for those wishing to hike to the top of Steamboat rock, during the summer months, temperatures will frequently exceed 100F/30C so please come prepared for hot weather

10 Hour daytrip $229 + tax
8am - 6.30pm
Activity level - Beginner
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